Do YOU fly small drones?

This NEW course is the KEY to unlocking more places to fly for recreational and hobby drone pilots!

The NEW A2 C of C is the ultimate qualification for recreational and hobby drone pilots in the UK! If you fly an older drone which weighs less than 2Kg (or 'C2' certified drones up to 4Kg when they become available), then this certificate could allow you to fly in places you simply couldn't before. The A2 C of C opens up a whole host of possibilities and could allow you to fly small drones in back-gardens, parks and other places with far fewer restrictions than people without it.

6 Reasons YOU should start your A2 training with UAVHub for FREE today!

  • 1. Fly in FAR more locations than before

    Having YOUR A2 C of C qualification will allow you to fly in many more places than you can if you don't hold it. It opens up a world of possibilities to pilots of small drones and could allow you to fly in your back garden, local park and a whole bunch of other places too. You can even start to earn money from flying your drone without having to spend the £1000's which have been traditionally required in the past!

  • 2. Online video learning - We don't do 'Death by Powerpoint' here

    Start, Pause and Stop your video E-learning whenever you want. Learn at your own pace in the comfort and safety of your own home... We're aviation training experts and our broadcast-quality training is broken down into bite-size, easy to understand videos which teach you what you NEED to know (and more!) in an efficient and proven manner.

  • 3. 99% First Time Pass Rate

    Over 99% of our students pass their theory examination on their first attempt. To help you prepare, we've even included FULL mock examinations in the training course which you can take BEFORE you sit your examination. This helps ensure that you can feel confident when it's time for your examination. Because of the way we teach and the extra preparation we provide, you'll find the examination a breeze!

  • 4. Online Theory Exam & NO practical flight test!

    Once you've completed your online training, you can build your confidence and prepare for your Theory Exam by using the Mock Exams we've built into the system for you. Once you're happy, you can use our simple system to book your online examination... And the best part? There's NO practical flight test required for the A2 qualification! Once you've done your Theory Exam, you're good to go!

  • 5. Join the HIGHEST RATED Drone School in the UK

    With more than 1000 5 star reviews, UAVHub is the Highest Rated Drone School in the UK by FAR! We've trained more than 3000 Professional Drone Operators over the last few years - so come and see for FREE what all the fuss is about and see why our training is the BEST in the world!

  • 6. Unrivalled Customer Support

    Just because our course is carried out online doesn't mean that you don't have support! The UAVHub Team can be reached via the phone, email, our UAVHub Facebook group and live chat at all times, or you can book in one-to-one video facetime with a member of the training team to get YOUR questions answered... Promptly and efficiently!

What's included in your A2 FREE Trial?

This is just a taster of the learning included in the FULL A2 Course... Why not check it out and see if this learning style works for you, before you spend a penny?

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • How to contact the UAVHub Team...

    • Get your Flyer ID

  • 2


    • Introduction

    • Scope

    • Clouds

    • Cumulonimbus (CBs)

    • Fog

    • Summary

  • 3

    UAS Flight Performance

    • Introduction

    • Scope

    • Lift

    • Multi-Rotor Control Systems

    • Flight Batteries - Specifications

    • Summary

  • 4

    UAS Operating Principles

    • Introduction

    • Scope

    • Collision Avoidance

    • Stress & Pressure

    • Fatigue

    • Summary

  • 5

    Practical Training & Self-Declaration

    • Practical Training Self-declaration requirements

  • 6

    What now?

    • What next?

    • Speak to a Member of the UAVHub Team - Ask us your questions today!

Meet your Instructor...


Matthew Williams

A leading light within the international aviation community with deep-seated roots within the unmanned training and operational delivery sectors. Matt has built a number of successful businesses centred around the ever-evolving unmanned aircraft space. He continues to manage an ever-growing team at the UK's leading unmanned aircraft training and operations company and also consults at the very highest levels in the sector in order to help explore and deliver practical and pragmatic solutions to problems faced by both regulatory bodies worldwide and those looking to exploit options to operate within regulatory frameworks.

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