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Do YOU fly small drones?

There's so much misinformation surrounding the CAA's new Drone Rules... Cut through the confusion and learn directly from the CAA Approved EXPERTS TODAY!

The NEW A2 C of C is the ultimate qualification for recreational and hobby drone pilots in the UK! If you fly an older drone that weighs less than 2Kg (or 'C2' certified drones up to 4Kg when they become available), then this certificate could allow you to fly in places you simply couldn't before such as areas used for commercial, residential and industrial purposes. The A2 C of C opens up a whole host of possibilities and could allow you to fly small drones in back gardens (if less than 500g), parks and other places with far fewer restrictions than people without it. We're giving YOU the opportunity to get the A2 CofC for only £49 inc. VAT as an FPV UK Member, so you can learn the rules and regulations in the comfort of your own home TODAY.

What's included in the CAA Approved, UAVHub A2 Fast-Track Course?

YOUR FREE A2 Theory Course includes EVERYTHING you need to know to be a safer and better Drone Pilot! If you decide to go on to get qualified, then you simply pay to complete the on-demand Examination, which unlocks the Revision, Mock Examinations and Bonus Content!

    1. Get your A1/A3 Certificate and Flyer ID

    2. Send UAVHUB your A1/A3 Certificate from the CAA


About this course

  • £99.00
  • 154 lessons
  • 6.5 hours of video content

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  • 1. Fly in FAR more locations than before

    If you do decide to go ahead and complete your A2 qualification; it will allow you to fly in many more places than you can if you don't hold it. It opens up a world of possibilities to pilots of small drones and could allow you to fly in your back garden, local park and a whole bunch of other places too. You can even start to earn money from flying your drone without having to spend the £1000's which have been traditionally required in the past!

  • 2. The Trial is 100% FREE

    Sign up to the FREE trial and you’ll get instant access to all of the learning content (5+ hours of video content across 100+ individual lessons) for absolutely no charge! There’s no obligation and there’s no ‘catch’! :) Once you’re in, you’ll have unlimited access to take our material for a test-drive, learn everything we teach and decide whether you want to take your exam. If you choose to take the test, you'll pay a one-time fee of just £49 when you use your exclusive FPV UK discount code. But if the UAVHub way isn’t for you, that’s fine too. You don’t pay anything unless you want to; just use our knowledge and learn to be a safe drone operator for FREE!

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    Even if you’ve taken other drone pilot courses with other companies before, we can guarantee that you’ve NEVER experienced anything like what UAVHub has to offer! From the quality of instruction to the teaching style and our constant focus on imparting the knowledge you need to be a safe drone operator, we’re certain that taking this course will be one of the best learning experiences you’ve ever had. Why not sign up today, risk-free and see for yourself!

  • 4. It's fantastic for newcomers and experienced pilots alike

    If you’re a novice drone pilot, you’ll learn everything you need to know to safely and confidently operate your first UAV and if you’re a more experienced pilot, you’ll have a chance to review your fundamentals and build fresh new skills too... Our students (whether they’re new to the drone space or veterans of the industry) consistently report that this course is a fantastic learning experience and that they’ve learned WAY more than they expected to. Join them today and see what you’ve been missing out on!

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    UAVHub has more than 3800 5***** reviews on Trustpilot from professionals and hobbyists, all across the UK. We’ve trained more drone pilots than any other company in the country. We’re so confident that you’ll love our training that we’re giving you the opportunity to access it for FREE! When it comes to investing in your education, don’t settle for the rest - learn from the best! You'll also be able to network with the thousands of people who've already joined us, in our private Facebook Group!

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    We know what you’re thinking… What’s the catch?! There genuinely isn’t one! Our mission is to bring the BEST TRAINING to as many people as possible, to help everyone enjoy flying safely and understand the confusing regulations! By taking advantage of this opportunity, you’ll be able to learn EVERYTHING you need with no commitment, obligation or risk…

What are the 5 SIMPLE steps to getting your A2 C of C with UAVHub when you pay for your exam and join us?

Getting your CAA A2 C of C couldn't be simpler and you can complete everything in just a few hours from the comfort and safety of your own home!

  • Sign up for the UAVHub A2 C of C Course & get immediate access to our Market-Leading, On-Demand video learning (About 5+ hours of video learning in total)

  • Watch your dedicated revision module and complete as many Mock Theory Exams as you like; until you're comfortable with the questions & answers

  • Book your Online, A2 Theory Examination at a time and date to suit you! (This is a 30 question, multiple-choice, closed book examination, conducted online with a remote invigilator and takes a maximum of 75 minutes)

  • Receive your electronic CAA A2 C of C Certificate (which is valid for 5 years from your Exam date!) as soon as we've verified your examination result!

  • Get out and Fly, Safely and Legally as a newly qualified Drone Pilot!

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  • Access to unlimited 'Mock Examinations' to ensure you're fully prepared for your Theory Exam

  • Dedicated, On-Demand Revision Module to help further prepare you for your Theory Exam

  • Constantly updated video-learning! When the CAA regulations change, we amend your video learning package and let you know... You can check back anytime to see EXACTLY what the current regulations are, to ensure you stay safe and legal at all times!

  • Online A2 Theory Examination at a time and date to suit you - available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week... Even on Bank Holidays and Public Holidays!

  • CAA A2 C of C Certificate (sent electronically to you upon successful completion of your A2 Theory Examination)

  • UNLIMITED Support! You don't need to book an appointment to speak to our dedicated support team... We're not airline pilots who 'do this on the side' or drone pilots who 'teach when we're not flying'... We're a professional training company who are dedicated to giving you the best training and helping you get the most from your drone! You can call, email or drop us a live-chat anytime and we'll answer your question straight away!

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  • How Does The Exam Work?

    Once you've completed your e-learning - you can book your A2 theory exam using a simple online system - at a time to suit you. It's a 30 question multiple-choice exam, which you have 75 minutes to complete (it usually takes 10-15mins). It must be done on desktop/laptop - it cannot be done on a tablet. You'll need at 2MB internet speed & a working webcam & microphone.

  • Can I Cheat In The Exam?

    The exam will be invigilated by an examiner from a 3rd Party Remote Proctoring Company to ensure it’s completed in-line with the CAA’s requirements - so no, in short!

  • Once I sign up, how long do I have to complete the training?

    You have 12 months from the date you purchase the course, to having to pass the Theory Examination however, many people complete everything (including their Examination) in 24-48 hours!

  • How many Mock Examinations are available?

    When you join our course, you'll have access to an unlimited amount of Mock Examinations! Our Mock Examination System uses an ever-growing bank of questions and 'creates' a random Mock Examination for you each time you start a new Mock Exam. We've found that people taking the Mock Exam a number of times do VERY well in the Final Examination as they are fully prepared!

  • Are there any resit fees if I fail the Theory Examination?

    No - we don't charge any resit fees! In the unlikely event that you do need to resit your Theory Examination, you can have another attempt on us... We have a greater than 99.9% first-time pass rate though; so you're in VERY safe hands and are highly unlikley to need to

  • How many questions are there in the Theory Examination?

    There are a total of 30, multiple-choice questions in the A2 C of C Theory Examination.

  • What is the Pass-Mark for the Theory Examination?

    The pass mark is 80% - the highest in the industry... We pride ourselves on this and the fact that UAVHub students are known for their 'better than average' understanding and knowledge. Don't worry about this though; our teaching means that you'll be easily able to achieve this, just like the thousands of other successful candidates who have gone before you!

  • How long do I get for the Theory Examination?

    You have a total time of 75 minutes available for the A2 C of C Theory Examination. This time is set by the CAA (and not by UAVHub). We find that the average time it takes people to complete the Exam is generally 10-15 minutes though, thanks to the way we teach and then allow you to practice, using our Mock Exam System! :)

  • Can I use my iPad or iPad Pro for the Examination? It does allow screen-sharing!

    Unfortunately not. The Examination system we use needs to be run from a PC or Mac (using Windows or macOS) and cannot be used on a tablet device.

Meet your Instructor...

UAVHub CEO Matthew Williams

A leading light within the international aviation community with deep-seated roots within the unmanned training and operational delivery sectors. Matt has built a number of successful businesses centred around the ever-evolving unmanned aircraft space. He continues to manage an ever-growing team at the UK's leading unmanned aircraft training and operations company and also consults at the very highest levels in the sector in order to help explore and deliver practical and pragmatic solutions to problems faced by both regulatory bodies worldwide and those looking to exploit options to operate within regulatory frameworks.

Are you ready to Learn EVERYTHING REQUIRED to become a safer drone pilot and Pass Your CAA A2 Qualification